We all want to stay independent as we age.  We want to live our lives without worrying about our health.  We want to know when we’re at risk before it’s too late.




Helios Health Systems is looking to address the immense costs and inadequate outcomes of care for an increasingly ageing population. The current modality of care being administered is based on point-in-time information that is often subjective, with little or no intervention until after an acute incident, like a fall, has occurred.  While many of us consider these incidents to happen all of a sudden, they are typically caused by a slow, gradual deterioration of function.

Our wearable technology provides continuous, objective information on the type and timing of daily activities conducted by older people so that carers, from family members through to clinicians, are alerted to any signs of functional change.  With Helios, carers can finally make proactive and preventative healthcare decisions for older people before a tragic incident occurs, and older people can feel safe and supported while enjoying their continued independence.


Looks after older people anywhere, 24 hours a day

As easy to use as a watch

Immediately lets carers know if anything unusual happens

Keeps your private life private



We envision a world where technology-enabled healthcare advances our health and independence as we age


Enable prolonged independence for older people

Advance the quality of aged care

Lessen the strain on healthcare systems

Reduce cost of aged care for older people and their carers

Maintain the privacy of older people



Wesley Loh

Co-founder & CEO

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Wesley is an Entrepreneurial Fellow at the University of Melbourne, and has co-founded multiple companies.  His previous MedTech startup, also within the aged care industry, won entry into the Melbourne Accelerator Program, won the inaugural Health and Technology competition held by Johnson & Johnson, won the IoT/M2M Innovation World Cup for 2015/2016 in Barcelona, won first place in the APAC region of the SETO Innovation Competition of International Talents in 2016, and was featured in the likes of the AFR, ABC News, The Wall Street Journal, and The Senior.  He is passionate about changing the world, and using innovation and technology to address growing real-world problems within aged care.

Wesley has experience as a senior consultant working at executive levels of enterprise organisations, and a background in innovation, delivery, and leadership.  He has consulted in a variety of industries, with his most recent role as delivery lead of investment technology at the sovereign wealth fund of Australia.

Wesley has technical expertise, having begun his career as a researcher at a world-leading Machine Learning research centre, and is a published author in a prestigious AI conference (IJCAI).

Hedi Ziv

Co-founder & CTO

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Hedi is a biomedical engineer, with over 27 years of hands-on R&D experience and over 15 years of experience in leadership positions, driving and delivering customer focused technological vision, strategies, systems and processes.

Hedi started his career in the early 1990's as an electronics engineer for the Defence Industry.  Following this he moved to the highly-regulated Medical Devices industry, driving multiple, complex projects within Neurosonology, Electrophysiology, Sleep Diagnostics and Treatment, Point-of-care and more.  Given his work in the space, Hedi also has deep knowledge and experience with Intellectual Property strategy, having previously written four medical device patents.

With his own ageing parents, Hedi has taken a personal responsibility for improving the care of all older people, and is determined to bring his years of experience within the medical device space to advance aged care.

Hedi qualified as an Electronics Engineer from the Ben-Gurion University in 1998 and completed his MBA with Derby University in 2002.




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